ArcGIS 10 Tutorial

Posted on December 20, 2011


After a long absence of making ArcGIS 9.3 tutorials, I decided to stop writing about them and making ArcGIS 10 tutorials instead. At this first step I will make some basic ArcGIS 10 tutorials.

This post is merely an introduction. The tutorial will be posted on the next article.

This tutorial also avalaible in bahasa indonesiaarcgis

This tutorial will contain the basic lessons in operating ArcGIS 10 so you can create two-dimensional maps from ArcGIS. As the basic of this tutorial, I will only use 2 software in the course of ArcMap and ArcGIS arccatalog.

The following is a material of discussion in this basic tutorial

1. Registration (Image Georeferencing)
2. On Screen digitization
3. Inserting an attribute in the data and other database functions
4. Symbologi and Map Labelling
5. Map Layouting

Besides making tutorials, I will also provide data that will be used but it will overtake after all the tutorials from the first up to 5 have been completed .